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6 Helpful Life Hacks For Boosting Your Productivity 2019

6 Helpful Life Hacks For Boosting Your Productivity 2019

Hey guys! Due to growing competition, people have to face many new challenges. To compete in this competition, people have to do hard work, due to which their sleep is lacking and they have to work continuously without break. Such challenges are used, but working on a computer for such a long time can lead to many health-related problems. So, today I am going to share 6 Helpful Life Hacks For Boosting Your Productivity in 2019 a few things about our daily observations in our health care.

Useful Health Tips

#1 Back pain

Back pain is a common problem for bloggers, Software employees and people working long hours in front of laptop and computer.

Here are some solutions to avoid this:
  • Sit straight in front of the computer. 
  • Use such a chair for yourself that your knees and hips are level maintained. 
  • Take regular breaks and walk in the middle of the work. This not only works in back pain but also circulate blood flow. 
  • Avoid long journeys on a bike or take the break for 5 min in b/w journey and give a stretch to ur body. 

#2 Eye Problems

Whenever you watch TV, laptop, computer, smartphone for a long time or sit in front of them, your eyes are inching or water comes in. Sometimes this problem is temporary, but if you continue to avoid these then this can be a big problem. It can give u color blindness or blurring of our eyes.

Here are some solutions to avoid:
  • Close 2-3 mins of eyes in the middle of the work. You should take 10 minutes of rest after every 1-hour work. 
  • If the eyes do not relax even after taking a break then wash the eyes with cold water. 
  • Insert daily 1-2 drops of rose water in your eyes. It works as an eye drop. This will keep your eyes fit. 
  • If you are using the CRT monitor, replace it and use the LCD monitor, as it is good for eyes. 

#3 Neck Pain

Neck pain is also a common problem for every person. The reason why it is constantly working in front of a computer. It makes you difficult to rotate the neck.

Here are some solutions to avoid this:
  • As I mentioned, taking a regular break between work will give the neck relief. 
  • Relax your neck and relax with the help of massage. Do yoga too, but before doing any exercise, consult with the doctors. 
  • Monitor and maintain the angle of your head as it is in this picture. 

#4 Head Ache

A headache is also the most common problem in today's time, I face it myself too. Seeing continuously on the monitor sir pain often happens.

Here are some tips to avoid this:
  • Just like the eyes should rest, relax your mind too. Do not stop working. Many times it happens that we get tired of working but due to the burden of work continuously work. Do not do this, relax, take away. 
  • Take tea or coffee between work but in the limit, More tea or coffee can have an adverse effect. To avoid a headache, consume it in the limit. 
  • Adjust the contrast and brightness of your monitor. 

#5 Weight Gain

Increasing weight is also one of the biggest problems, and this problem is also common for computer users. While u are working u bend and sit immediately after eating it might be accumulated at the fat friendly parts of the body like hips, stomach, thighs, etc.

Here are some solutions to avoid this:
  • Do not eat things with high calories, especially if you do not have the calories burned by sitting while sitting in one place. 
  • My advice is to walk at least 10 minutes in the morning and evening. 
  • If you can not walk then you can also use the treadmill machine. 
  • Drink lots of water. 
  • Daily fitness goals should be employed by sparing some time for them. 

#6 Deficiency of vitamin D

This is a problem in which people never pay attention. When we work on computers, we do not get sunlight, which is the main source of vitamin D. That's why whenever U get time to take a sunbath. Vitamin D is very important for the body. Its decrease is the rate of diabetes.

Here are some solutions to avoid this:
  • Drink as much water as possible. 
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours daily. 
  • Play games like football, volleyball, etc. 
  • Foods like eggs, milk, bone soup etc. 

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So, finally guys these are things that I wanted to share with u. Be follow these to ensure that u are Mr.Perfect.These are the best 6 Helpful Life Hacks For Boosting Your Productivity 2019. Please share this and allow it to spread worldwide. Thank u.
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