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Top 5 Homemade Oil And Shampoo For Dandruff & Hair fall Naturally 2019

Dandruff is white powder particles whenever u comb the hair and it's actually the dead skin cells from the scalp. Some people experience a lot of dandruff who might think that this is unusual and he should consult the specialist doctor. Oil from the scalp makes the skin cells die and clog together and show up as white particles. It is the most common issue in everyone who might face this, for every 5 persons there are 3 persons who are suffering from dandruff. Today I am going to tell u the Top 5 Homemade Oil And Shampoo For Dandruff & Hair fall Naturally 2019.

Top 5 Homemade Remedies For Dandruff & Hairfall

These are the best homemade shampoo for dandruff that I personally use and make it every month. I got better results and my scalp is like this before using it and now it is curing well.

#1 Soap Nuts Shampoo

This is universal shampoo no restrictions for it.U can use it any time. This shampoo has high properties of giving shiny hair and hair fall rescue.

  • Soap nuts-50g 
  • Baby shampoo-30ml 
  • Lemon-half 
  • Water-500ml

The process begins with soaking the soap nuts in 500ml of water for overnight. Then take them in next morning and mix them well. After that u have to boil them for 10 min, after that cooling them and mixing and then add lemon, baby shampoo, because it contains no sulfates and also for lather property. U can store it and also use it for about 1 month by storing it in a refrigerator. 

#2 Shikai Shampoo

This is also another homemade shampoo within our budget. It is best for reducing hair fall and dandruff which contains salicylic acid that can reduce dandruff property.

  • Shikai-50g 
  • Baby shampoo-30ml 
  • Dry Amla-30g 
  • Water-500ml

Take a bowl and add 500ml water and then add shikai and dry amla in it and then wait for 8 hours. Then u have to mix them well and u have to boil them for 10 min and then allow it to cool. Then add baby shampoo for lather and then mix them well. After taking a container and store it and then u have to keep it in the refrigerator for long usage. 

#3 Onion Hair mask

Onion is rich in sulfur which can handle the properties of an antifungal & antibacterial situation and can keep the scalp clean. Then sulfur content in onions can be easily absorbed into the hair.

  • Onion-1 
  • Lemon-1 TB spoon 
  • Honey-1 TB spoon

Take an onion and blend in a mixer and then add honey, lemon into it.U can do it in 2 ways one is filtering the mixed onion paste and adding honey, lemon and applying it on to hair or u can directly apply the mixed paste to the hair evenly and then wait for 15-20 min. After that u can wash it with mild shampoo.U cannot store it for long duration u have applied it instantly then only it starts working on our hair. 

#4 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is rich in antioxidants and also gives shiny healthy effect to hair.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar-2 Tb spoons 
  • Honey-1 TB spoon 
  • Water-Required Amount 

Take a cup of water and add apple cider vinegar & honey into it. then mix it well after that u have to apply it directly to our hair. Wait for 15 min and then wash it with cold water don't shampoo it. 

#5 Homemade Hair Oil

This is an oil that I personally prepare it and using it for a long time. This oil contains various mixtures and factors that work on hair like a charm.

  • Almond oil-50ml 
  • Coconut oil-50ml 
  • Amla oil-50ml 
  • Castor oil-50ml

First, take a container for oil storage and add almond, coconut, castor, amla oil and all should be added in equal amounts each 20-50ml. Then after pouring them mix them well and apply it 30 min before the shower and after that wash ur hair with mild shampoo. This oil gives the hair look as live, healthy and shiny. This can be easily absorbed into hair easily into roots.

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The above mentioned are particularly and personally used by me and has experienced very good results for after 3 months of usage. Finally, these are the best Top 5 Homemade Oil And Shampoo For Dandruff & Hair fall Naturally 2019. Hope u like it these are completely no side effect giving remedies. Don't opt for the ready-made products please ensure that they are safe to use and then only u have to use them. Thank U.
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