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Rose Tea: An Overall Healthkit 2019

Rose flower is often used in terms of aesthetic purposes. But it is also said that there are many health benefits that can lead to weight loss. Tea is also called a stress-buster and a mood-swinger. Apart from the aesthetics of Rose, it also has a wide variety of uses in cooking. Gulkondu and Rose Sherbeth from dried petals are used in sweets. Indians use rose flowers in foods and drinks. Rose flower is also used not only in terms of aesthetic and organic purposes but also in pharmaceuticals, primarily in the manufacture of Ointments. In addition, it also has a positive role in providing luminous skin and beauty. Rose water and rose seed oil are also often used in cosmetics, and Rose Extractants have the highest demand worldwide.
Rose Tea: An Overall Healthkit 2019
Rose-Tea is the best herbal tea you can add as part of your daily diet plan. However, this is not the only benefit of rose-tea. It also helps in improving skin and hair health due to antioxidants, as well as good for the digestive tract. Rose smell increases the pleasant atmosphere in the minds, gradually being called stress-free and mood-swinger. This rose-tea can be easily made at home. Let's start the discussion on Rose Tea: An Overall Healthkit 2019

Benefits of rose-tea:

#1 Fights against inflammation: The presence of antioxidants in rose flowers also has anti-inflammatory properties. Research has shown that the relationship between inflammation and weight gain can be attributed to the Rose-Tea role in weight loss. 

#2 Reduced appetite cravings: Rose-tea can be taken as a healthy substitute for anxiety disorders, weight loss, caffeine, tea or coffee. 

#3 Improves digestive system health: Rose-tea can contribute to boosting the body's digestive tract, and it can be said that a healthy digestive system can potentially contribute to weight loss. Rose-tea helps to increase the good bacteria in your digestive tract and is used as herbal treatment for severe problems such as constipation and diarrhea.

#4 Helps to remove toxins: Rose-tea is said to help in detoxification of the body and prevent urinary infections.

#5 Improves Immunity: To lose weight in a healthier way, in this case, rose-tea fights against infections. This characteristic is due to the presence of Vitamin C in rose flower.

Rose-Tea Preparation: There are many ways to make rose-tea, depending on how you like to take. You can buy dried rose petals and add a teaspoon of your choice. Take fresh rose petals and sprinkle in hot water, make pink - tea. take some rose petals and clean them with water and take a saucepan and add three cups of water. Boil them for five minutes and filter them in a cups. Add sweeteners as per your choice of this solution. You can also add spices to a particular dose as per your wishes. For example, cinnamon, fresh ginger, cardamom, cloves, pink tea can be added.

              Rose Tea: An Overall Healthkit 2019
These include antioxidants, anti-bodies, Anti-inflammatory symptoms include boosting immunity and many other benefits. Helps regularly regulate hormones in the body, improves metabolism and helps in reducing obesity. Rose-Tea plays a major role in losing weight. So, planning to take at least one or two times a day. However, if you are suffering from food allergies, consult your doctor before adding this herbal tea to your diet plan.

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