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How To Control Diabetes Naturally At Home 2019

Diabetes is a common word that we are hearing today in the everyday world. It is not restricted to a certain age. It can be seen everybody in children, adults, middle-aged and old age people. So, it is better to avoid diabetes before it gets attached to us. 

It is also reported that around 50% of people in the world are suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes. Here are the Top Most Useful Tips For Diabetes that you can do at home.

How To Control Diabetes Naturally At Home 2019

Types Of Diabetes

Diabetes is an abnormal functioning, control and, production of insulin. Diabetes is of two types. They are Type 1 & 2. Type 1 diabetes is usually seen in children because it occurs due to inability production insulin and Type 2 diabetes is an insulin response in accordance with body functioning.

There is also another diabetic condition which is Pre-Diabetes. It has no symptoms but it occurs before type 2 diabetes. Some of the symptoms like blurred vision, excessive peeing and get thirsty often.

Top 20 Home Remedies For Diabetes

#1 Drink Lots Of Water

In the recent studies that people who had drink lots of water have been seen that reduced high blood sugar levels and it also helps to flush out the blood sugar glucose levels and helps in controlling diabetes.

#2 Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress is the overproduction of cortisol in our body due to forcing our mind to do so. It is also a reason for diabetes. It is also said that regular practice of exercise and meditation helps in reducing cortisol and glucagon production.

#3 Sleeping Habit

Have some enough sleep daily for about 7-8 hours. Lack of sleep also causes excess production of cortisol and also ways for obesity by weight gain. These are enough reasons for a diabetic attack. Take some powernap also.

#4 Make Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar

It is suggested that regular taking of apple cider vinegar can help in reducing weight and diabetes. Try to use it early morning with warm water along with lemon and honey and also try it with food dressing with fruits and veg salads.

#5 Weight Loss Program

Try to join a weight loss program for getting shredded. Obesity is also one of the most common reasons for diabetes. So do follow some online free youtube weightloss programs with consistency that pays yo the reward. It is suggested that a daily 20 min hardcore workout is enough to manage our physical status and flexibility. Do remind that you to take the core workout only.

#6 Do Have A Diet Plan

Guys, you have to maintain the perfect diet in order to cut your waist or diabetic control. Try to map your carb intake by taking less part of it and more part of fiber intake by following the portion by breaking your meals into small parts. By this way, you can control diabetes.

#7 Foods You Have To Look After

There are lots of healthy natural foods list that especially diabetic people have to take concern about. They are Flax seeds for much fiber intake, broccoli for vitamin C and antioxidant properties, dry nuts like Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pistachios, egg whites for proteins, if you want yellow take only one complete egg, green leafy veggies for minerals and vitamins like C, B12, A, etc., Fatty fish like salmons, sardines are rich omega 3 fatty acids for good cholesterol.

#8 Beware Of Alcohol And Cigarette

In these days consumption of alcohol and smoking is common among all people even the teenagers are taking them. If you want to control diabetes it is strongly recommended you to stop taking such things. Because they can lead to cause more blood cell destruction and diabetes will be more critical and they might even cause death.

#9 Do Regular Intervals Checkups

As a diabetic individual, it is your responsibility to have regular interval checkups. By measuring your diabetic status you can have your own view and confidence in overcoming diabetes and take regular medicine for more better results.

#10 Opt For Natural Sugars

There are a lot of natural sweeteners for those who want to consume sweet taste. They are Raw Honey, Coconut Sugar, Dates, and Jaggery. These are loaded with micronutrients and minerals and also contain low glycemic content. It's a good sign that foods with that content can be easily digestible.

#11 Consume Foods With More Vitamin C

A recent study has stated that regular intake of the recommended dosage of Vit C can help in improving the blood sugar level control. Foods that are rich in Vit C are lemon, Amla, Orange, Tomato, and Blueberry.

So this is guys about diabetes and I will post about foods that will control diabetes soon. Hope you like this article keep sharing until it gets every single person. Stay happy, peace and healthy. Thank You.
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